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12 Worst Android Annoyances and How to Fix Them

While cell phones that possess Android platforms have definitely become the most wanted and prominent possessions for most of the people, they have also been the target of countless complaints, starting from slow speed to short battery life to a number of other annoyances.  There has been at least one moment in all of our lives when we just wanted to give up using Android and go back to our old conventional cell phone platforms due to such frustrating issues. However, these problems do come with several solutions and knowing about them can actually make our lives and our experience with Android phones a whole lot smoother and better.

1.      Speed decreases over time

It’s true that most of the Android cell phones are superbly fast when they are brand new. However, this first impression of being the owner of a super fast cell phone usually shatters over time. The speed gradually starts to slow down and down until it reaches a frustrating point. However, there are 5 easy methods to increase the speed of Android phones are to clear the app cache via apps such as App Cache Cleaner, uninstall unused apps that are waste valuable system resources, install new app launcher such as Lightning Launcher Home, get rid of unnecessary widgets and shortcuts and disable background data – all of which take merely a couple of minutes to do.

2.      Embarrassing noises began

Another problem with Android cell phones is its tendency to make loud weird noises, particularly at the most inapt situations and timings, be it in the middle of the night or during an important class or meeting. Disabling notification sounds of individual apps seems to be like a good idea; however, there always exists another service or app to make those irritating noises or chimes. Hence, there is a better and easier solution for this – select a silent audio file as default sound. This will not only stop all those weird sounds but also enable you to see the notifications.

3.      Crapware does not go

Each and every Android phones come preloaded with unnecessary apps which none of us actually ever uses. Most of them keep actively running in the background and eating up precious resources. They cannot be uninstalled or deleted without rooting no matter how hard you try and that just makes you go red in rage. So what to do in such a case? Just disable them from the settings menu and put them in a deep freeze, thus stopping them from running in the background.

4.      Battery life shortens

What is the purpose of a “portable” phone if it does not even allow you to be outside and use it for a couple of days without requiring a charger to be plugged inside every day? However there are very easy methods available to save up the battery of your Android. These include turning off wireless radios, location services, background data; switching from 4G to 3G; dimming the display; setting shorter screen timeout, plain black background; shutting down instant messaging; and disabling automatic widget updates.

5.      Charge left cannot be seen

Although Android phones do show you the amount of battery left through a small blue or green symbol in the top of the screen, most of them do not tell you exactly the precise percentage that is left. However, you can easily make your Android phone show you what you want to see by simply installing apps such as Elvison’s Battery Widget which shows the exact battery level all the time, so that you know when exactly to charge up your smart phone. Another way is to check the battery percentage in the settings menu.

6.      Interface looks ugly

Even if you change the wallpaper of your smart phones, you keep on wishing if you could change the interface that once looked okay to you but now does not. So how to change your smart phones interface without rooting it? Simply install Android launchers such as LauncherPro or Go Launcher Ex to replace your ugly home screen with stunning new ones that are customizable and faster.

7.      Others have better features

It’s human nature to feel that what others have are much better than what we do. While the human nature takes ages to change, luckily your Android phone doesn’t. You want your phone to have a floating browser window just like LG Optimus G Pro or a Pop-up Play just like Samsung Galaxy S4? No worries. There are a number of apps available with custom features for your wish to come true – apps such as Floating Browser Flux and Super Video.

8.      Share menu has too many  options

Although Android is well-known for its universal share menu which lists all the app you can share to, however, it contains a lot of apps that one would never share such as Backup Assistant, which actually comes up on top of apps that you would share frequently. This annoyance can be addressed by apps such as Andmade Share which allows you to reorder items according to your choice or remove them completely.

9.      Lock screen slows down

It is true that lock screens do provide smart phones security. However, they also tend to act as speed bumps that annoy you whenever you try to wake your Android phone. Most of us, if not everyone, would obviously want to push the power button and instantly start right where we were before our phone decided to doze off.  This can be done by merely changing the screen lock setting in the security menu.

10.  Wrong apps used to open links/files

You are the owner of your Android phone and not the other way round. No matter how smart these phones are, one would never want to give the decision making power to the phone itself. However Android phones often tend to use the wrong apps to open certain links or files such as opening a document in the viewer-only version of Documents to Go


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