Sunday , 19 May 2019

3G SpeedUp Browser

3G SpeedUp Browser App is an extremely fast mobile browser based on third generation of networks.  This App is completely aimed at fast and effective internet surfing. Techniques include effective optimization of the data packet size and image compression. Pictures are downloaded in chunks specifically tuned for 3G network speeds. 3G SpeedUp Browser provides information about the transfer rate. Hence it perfectly suits for rapid search experience, communication in social networks, checking weather forecast, posting photos and tweets, reading news and blogs, watching videos, exploring what’s new around the world. It deals with both entertainment and education.

3G SpeedUp Browser is super fast mobile internet browser with great number of users across more than 130 countries and regions. This product is currently available on all major operating platforms. 3G SpeedUp Browser has an option to insert emoticons in comments and messages on Facebook. This option provides users an opportunity to share their mood and emotions with friends in such an easy and enjoyable way.

•    Night Mode for Facebook, so it won’t be annoying
•    Option to insert emotion icons in comments and messages on Facebook
•    An easy and enjoyable way
•    Super fast mobile internet browser
•    Users across more than 130 countries and regions
•    Providing better mobile internet connection to our users around the world
•    Available on all major operating platforms


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