How to Access YouTube in Pakistan With Proxy Website

Posted on Nov 25 2012 - 6:48pm by Glenn
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Access YouTube in Pakistan With Proxy Website

As we all know still after more than 2 and a half month the world’s most famous video sharing website YouTube is blocked in Pakistan because of anti-Islamic video which was uploaded on this website first the Govt. of Pakistan asked them to remove the video and they replied that if we remove this video then where is freedom of speech so after this type of reply the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) decided to block the whole website not just the video link but also the whole website in Pakistan on 19 September, 2012 and it is still blocked.

Access YouTube in Pakistan With Proxy Website

There are many websites which work as proxy server to let us access blocked websites but seriously I came to know that most of them are also blocked by PTA so I think they are keeping an eye on all the methods to access blocked websites but it’s impossible for them to stop the users from Pakistan to access any block website because there are many methods to access YouTube in Pakistan e.g changing proxy of computer, using HotSpot Shield, Using Ultrasurf, proxy websites etc even if you can not find a way to access blocked websites then there is another option which is to make our own proxy website and I’ll cover this topic later. So few of the methods that I shared are not working fine like with using HotSpot Shield and Ultrasurf we are unable to download the videos from YouTube but we can watch them so I found a website which works greatly and I am so happy to use it whenever I need to open YouTube video and that website is:

We can access any block website but remember while using proxy websites we are unable to login and most of the functions do not work but still we can watch and download videos like stuff but if we use Ultrasurf tool or if we change the proxy of our computer then we can access all functions of any block website.

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