How to Access YouTube in Pakistan With Ultrasurf

Posted on Oct 15 2012 - 7:33pm by Glenn
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Access YouTube in Pakistan

This is the most important question these days in Pakistan on internet. PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) blocked the YouTube in September, 2012 I don’t think, I need to tell you that what is the reason but it is blocked because of anti-Islamic video uploaded on YouTube. First PTA asked them to delete the video or make it unavailable for the Pakistani users who are using YouTube but they did not do it and finally they blocked the whole website for the Pakistani users and it is still blocked.

Access YouTube in Pakistan

There are many methods to access YouTube in Pakistan but all methods were working fine few days back but now I think the PTA is doing its best to block YouTube even after changing the IP address to any other country or proxy stuff etc. But there is still one method which is working properly and I think this is the most easiest way to access YouTube in Pakistan or any other country where it is blocked. So all we need is to download the software Ultrasurf which works great just download it from their website and the best part about this tool is that it is totally free to use so all you need is to download it and run it it does not require to be installed yes it is a portable software after running it just wait for few seconds to make it connected to the proxy server it will show you the status that it is connected to the server then you can go ahead and open any block website in your country and that’s it.

If you know any other method to access YouTube or any blocked website then share with us in your comments and do not forget to share your experience about this tiny awesome tool.

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