Sunday , 19 May 2019

Add Sticky Social Box to Blogger and WordPress Blogs

Sticky Social Box by Roomi

jQuery is a great JavaScript library and seriously using this great library great websites have been developed and I am sure that every web developer is using jQuery to develop great web apps and I am one of them who use it but I am not a pro web developer just trying to learn more and more everyday :) I have found a jQuery code and edited it a little with that code we can add sticky box to Blogger and WordPress blogs even to any website where we have access to upload and edit files actually I got an idea to add a Sticky Social Box to my WordPress blog to get more and more social networks fans like on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter as you can see I have added this Sticky Social Box to this blog, it floats with scroll bar means if we will scroll down then this box will float with the scroll bar and same with the scroll up action, so you must give it a try to get free fast fans on social profiles.

Sticky Social Box for Blogger & WordPress

This is not my first widget for Blogger and WordPress I have already made a widget which is ETB Top Bar must add that widget too. Actually in this Sticky Social Box I have added buttons to all big social networks so that readers on your blogs can easily like and follow your social profiles directly from your blogs and I know you must be thinking right now that there are tons of widgets for social profiles but this one is special as I wrote above that this Sticky Social Box widget float with scroll bar.

Sticky Social Box Source Code

The very first thing you should do is to copy the code and save it on your computer and so simply just type in your Facebook page username, Twitter username and link to your Google+ page you can also put your personal profiles’ usernames but pages are preferred instead of personal profiles so after filling all three text boxes simply click on the button to get the code now copy it and save it on your computer.


Add Sticky Social Box to Blogger

So the question is now that how to add this widget to Blogger blog so let’s get started first of all go to your Blogger admin panel and there select your blog then go to Layout > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript and then paste the code which is given above.

Add Sticky Social Box to WordPress

Now the question is how you can add this sticky widget to your WordPress blog and it’s simple you just have to do the same as it is written above means just copy and code first then go to your WordPress admin panel there go to Appearance > Widgets there select Text widget and drag it to the sidebar widgets and paste the code which is given above.

Any Problem?

If are facing any problem then you must reply reply to this article and ask anything I will reply you as fast as possible with the solution so please do not hesitate to ask any question about this my own developed widget, thanks for reading must share it with your friends on social networks websites.

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