Friday , 24 May 2019

App: Astro File Manager


ASTRO File Manager App helps to organize our pictures, music, videos and other files. It is used with file management and Cloud sites such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Box and SkyDrive. Ever try to find a file but can’t remember where you put it? ASTRO has the most robust technology to search phones or search for files in the mobile world, giving us the ability to do anything from broad searches across all locations mentioned before to very specific file searches based on file name, size, location, etc. With this App we can move files from one cloud to another in a single copy or move/paste without having to download them first before sending to our destination cloud.

ASTRO has the support for Leef Bridge, a powerful, yet simple, innovative USB flash drive that allows users to easily transfer files to other devices such as Android phones, tablets, Macs and PCs without the need for cables, cloud services, Wi-Fi or any type of data connection. It is like Windows Explorer or Finder (Mac OS) for your phone or tablet and allows you to easily organize all of your files. ASTRO currently supports 11 languages including: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Portuguese. You can manage tasks, process, and perform backups for your data. It lets you view your files and folders in two ways, in a traditional list format or as icons.





- After your first search, results are almost instantaneous across all indexed locations
- If you are offline, you can still search for files that have been indexed
- Eliminates redundant network calls in ASTRO, making some operations faster
- Ability to do anything from broad searches
- Better file browsing experience in areas with spotty or slow network coverage
- File management, phone download manager and content management

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