Sunday , 19 May 2019

Show About Author Box Below Posts in Blogger [Video]

About Author Box for Blogger

Today I am going to share my Blogger widget which will show author information right below posts in your Blogger blog. This widget will also help you to show information about authors who are posting articles in your blog. And we can also use this widget to verify multiple authors and show their profiles in Google searches. It is very unique widget for Blogger to attract visitors and you can get more followers for your Google Plus profile. One thing I forgot that it shows your Google+ profile name and link too because in Google Search Engine we see Google Plus profile not Facebook or Twitter etc. And Special thing about this tutorial is that I have made a video tutorial about this gadget just for my blog fans.

Video Tutorial

Here it is the video tutorial below just for you guys. Let me tell you first I have also described it in the video twice that this is my first video tutorial for this blog so that I was little confused while making this video but I hope you will support me to make more video tutorials. And also make sure before watching this video that it’s good to connect your Blogger profile with your Google+ profile because it shows and work with Google Plus profile. If you want to show multiple authors profiles for your blog in Google Search Engine then simply watch the video tutorial to add author box for more authors and then tell them to add link to your blog in their Google Plus profiles’ contributor section.

CSS Code

/* Start – About Author Box for Blogger by */
#author_box {
padding: 10px; margin-top:10px;
#author_avatar {
border:1px solid #222222;
border: 1px #CCCCCC solid;
border-radius: 10px;
/* End – About Author Box for Blogger by */

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