Sunday , 19 May 2019

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The Invisible iPad in the Classroom


  The iPad has many limitations and doesn’t come close to what you can do on a normal computer, but it is a extremely popular item as more and more people put this at the top of their shopping list. Since the launch of the iPad in 2010, we have seen a revolutionary transformation in how we create, consume, and ... Read More »

History of the Mobile Phone


Mobile Phone technology is changing at an alarming pace, as companies compete in offering better faster products, but do you remember how this race all started? In February, Molinari Caffe presents Like/Share: Cell Phone Photography, an exhibition of images captured on the fly with cell phone and various apps. Ann Trinca curates the show of works by Courtney McCutcheon, Michael ... Read More »

Foursquare’s Swarm – How close are your friends?


Foursquare has released a new app that is set to become very popular. Just imaging logging into the app and finding out how close your friends are to you. Certainly this would be a great app to have and use with all your friends and family. Swarm is a new app from Foursquare out today that chisels off the check-in ... Read More »

Mars One Space Flight


The Mars One project is coming together as the Netherlands-based nonprofit organization whittles down the applicants to find the 4 people, who will go on the first mission. Mars One still has to put together the money for this project, which is one of their main priorities. Each of the potential people chosen can look forward to a period of ... Read More »

Free Xbox 360 games Coming Soon


Xbox is set to release new games this June and upgrade or replace older free games, this is welcome news for all who use their system. After launching last June, the Games With Gold promotion’s one-year anniversary takes place next month. To celebrate, Microsoft is temporarily bumping up the usual allotment of two free games to three for Xbox 360 ... Read More »

Whats the Best Platform For Your Website


Okay so you have a domain and now it is time to add a theme, but first you need a platform to place it on. So you have several options but how do you make an imformed decision on what is best for you? Getting your first website up and running is easy. Select a pretty template for under $100 ... Read More »

Cycling Gadgets Whats Hot


There are a whole bunch of wireless cycling gadgets that you can add to your bike, to first give you some protection, but also to record what others around you are doing. Here are my impressions, after immersing myself in thisbudding ecosystem of sensors, apps and social networks: Wahoo Fitness RFLKT+ Monitor Wahoo Fitnesss RFLKT+ ($130) acts as a Bluetooth-paired ... Read More »

iPhone 6 Camera and Sound Increased


iPhone 6 seems to have several new features that i am sure our readers will enjoy, first a better sound system and second improved picture quality with its camera. Good news to Apple fans as latest reports claimed that iPhone 6 release date will come earlier than usual. Reports said that iPhone 6 with 4.7 inch screen display will be ... Read More »

iPhone 6 What to Expect


The iPhone 6 is coming and i know for sure there are a few of my buddies waiting to get one. But really what can we expect with this latest iPhone release. But why spend hundreds of dollars on this phone when for a portion of the cost you can get its best rival, the Blackview Ultra 6 With its ... Read More »