Sunday , 19 May 2019

Take Backup and Restore WordPress Blog Manually [Video]

Take Backup and Restore WordPress Blog Manually

This article is for those who are using self-hosted WordPress blogs and have cPanel hosting if you one of them and you want to know that how to take complete backup of WordPress blog manually then you are at right place just keep reading this article. There might be many different methods to take backup of WordPress blog but I am going to share what I do to take backup of this WordPress blog and whatever I do is done by manually so let’s get started.

Why Backup Is Important

You know very well that taking backup of your website is one of the most important step to do to make your website totally secure suppose if your website is hacked and hacker deleted all the database information and all the files from your root directory and you do not have any backup then what are you gonna do? I know you are gonna cry and abuse :P but what if you have a backup file then you will laugh and say hacker you wasted my time because now I have to restore my website data :D so that’s why taking backup of your hard work is always good but also a wise step :) so don’t ever forget to do so if you are a hard worker.


Have Any Question?

As video tutorials are easy to understand and follow that’s why I made a video tutorial for the beginners but still if you have any question of confusion about this video tutorial then please ask me in the comments I will reply you as soon as possible with the solution.

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