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Ten of the Best Android Games 2013

Ten of the Best Android Games 2013

Gaming on mobile devices has come a long way over the last few years. There are now thousands of games available at the Google Play Store. Sifting through all of them to find the best is not easy but you can quickly find the latest best games on the market using the rating and review system at the Play Store. Games are published all the time but many of them become lost in obscurity. Only the best of the best ever make it to the top of these lists. Here’s a look at some of the best games for Android based on innovation, creativity, and how much fun and time you’ll waste playing them.



A free, fun, and simple game with very few frills. The goal of Alchemy is simple; you start with the four elements of life – water, fire, earth, and air – and combine them together to create new elements. There are 390 possible combinations and finding all of them can take a considerable amount of time. Despite how simple and mundane the game might sound, you can actually lose yourself in it for hours trying to figure out new combinations.

Robo Defense


If you love tower defense games then this is a good pick. Robo Defense is sold for $2.99 at the Play Store. In the game, users build towers and defend them from attacks by minions who prowl the open terrain map. The game offers five different maps, with several upgrades and difficulty levels.

Bonsai Blast


A clone of the popular game, Zuma, Bonsai Blast gives the classic puzzler game a Japanese twist. The goal is to stop a moving line of colored balls by firing marbles between them and getting the right color combination in groups of three to make the balls disappear. The gameplay is very simple and it features beautiful Japanese backgrounds.



If you are a fan of old fashioned retro arcade space shooter games then Radiant is guaranteed to give you many hours of fun. The game is the Android equivalent of the popular classic, Space Invaders, with bright neon aliens attacking a spaceship you control as you shoot your way through them to open new levels. It’s simple and massively fun in a way only a good 2D game can be.

Hungry Shark


Would you like to explore the ocean as a shark, chomp on fish and swimmers with impunity, and avoid nasty surprises that can only be found in the ocean? The concept behind Hungry Shark is straightforward, you are a curious shark and you are hungry. You explore the oceans and survive by being careful. It’s very elegant and it’s guaranteed to take hours out of your free time.



A good game for lovers of RPGs with everything you would expect to get from a good fantasy based video game. Zenonia features quests, weapons, spells, and much more. It’s like a miniature Final Fantasy on steroids. The visuals are striking and the story is quite good, but the game is a little pricey at $5.99.

Air Control


The premise of Air Control is so ridiculous, you may consider not playing, but the game is strangely quite addictive. You are an air traffic controller and your job is to direct planes and helicopters to their landing zones. The further you progress, the harder it becomes to prevent horrific collisions. Sometimes the simplest games are the most fun and Air Control does not disappoint when it comes to simplicity.

Crystallight Defense


Yet another tower defense game but quite complicated. Cystallight Defense requires players to mix different types of crystals to strong towers which can withstand enemy attackers. The stronger you build your towers, the more likely you are to survive. A game like this is definitely going to waste a few days of your life as you try to make the best crystal combinations.

Pocket Racing


No game list can be complete without at least one racing game. Pocket Racing is a challenging racing game which features a top down view of the action on the road for easy navigation. The game takes ghost data from races you’ve won and uses it to race against you. You’ll basically be trying to beat yourself in the game, and the better you get at it, the harder it becomes. Players can also download the race data of friends online to get more challenging and creative races.


Angry Birds


Arguably one of the most famous puzzle games in the world. Angry Birds is in a league of its own, earning over two million downloads during its first week. Since the game was not released this year, we cannot call it the best of 2013, but there are a lot of variants of the original which have come out this year like Angry Birds Star Wars II which was released on September 18 and Angry Birds Go!, a cart racing game scheduled for release in December 11. No other mobile game has managed to combine addictive gameplay with a comical style as well as Angry Birds.


Article By  Adara R

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