Friday , 26 April 2019

Best Social Bookmarking Websites to Get Free Traffic

Best Social Bookmarking Websites

Social Media is the best place to get free as well as huge web-traffic to your newly born blogs and websites. It helps new blogs to get free traffic and advertisement too. We can use Social Networks to make our blogs famous within months. It is easy to understand that how Social Media helps the newly born blogs as you know that when a new blog or website is created then no one knows about that except the admins so for this we need a place where we can share our websites to get free traffic as I talked above so the place we call is Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc I have already written an article about importance of Social websites but in this article I am going to share best Social Bookmarking websites which can help our blogs to get huge free web-traffic for free of cost.

What are Social Bookmarking Websites?

Social Bookmarking is a method for internet users organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks of resources online. – Google Web Definition

So the Social Bookmarking websites are those websites which helps internet users to store and manage content online, I think it is the best and easiest definition for Social Bookmarking websites. So below I am going to share best Social Bookmarking Websites with you so keep reading this article.


Digg is one of the best and old website to store and manage your blogs URL for free of cost. When I created this blog Digg is the first Social Bookmarking website that I used and seriously if you are going to submit awesome links on this website that get ready to get free huge web-traffic. So if you want to post your links on this website then first you have to connect your Facebook or Twitter account with Digg, it is very easy to do so. Do not miss this website, you must use it and all other websites that I am going to share below.


StumbleUpon is a great website actually very nice website to find new websites, photos, videos etc at a single platform. It is specially designed that every new blog or website will surely get nice traffic from it seriously if you do not believe me then register on this website and start sharing your links on it you will surely get free traffic instantly so you should also give it a try.


This website was awesome, seriously I love this website, you won’t believe me but I posted a single link on this website and my blog got more than 150 unique visitors from this website for free :O yes I was amazed too but then after posting few more link I am blocked on this website :( then I searched on Google and I came to know that we must share different links from different websites not just from single website so keep following this rule and keep sharing your website links regularly to get free huge huge web-traffic.


Pinterest is a new Social Bookmarking website and same like StumbleUpon it is also specially designed for blog owners and webmasters other interest users can also use this website as we know that without blog readers our blogs are nothing same theory applies on Social Bookmarking websites means without common users these websites are nothing but for blog owners and webmaster Social Bookmarking websites are the best places to share and get free traffic so you also give Pinterest a try :) Hopefully you will love this website and its design and the way of working, it is totally different from other websites.

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These are the four best Social Bookmarking websites that I am using right now for this blog except reddit as I told you that I am blocked to post any new link just keep following the rules on this website and hopefully you will get very huge web-traffic from it. If  if you know any other best Social Bookmarking website then please share with us, we will love to know your favorite websites for Social Bookmarking.

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