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Best Tips to Write SEO Articles for Your Blog

How to Write SEO Articles

Blogging is the best way to share your thoughts with your blog readers, you can easily connect with thousands of readers in a very short time but for that you need to do very hard work at the beginning of your blogging career but you will definitely see the results of your hard work but remember it takes some time as nobody can master anything in days or weeks or even months it needs years to master something or to be a master so if you are a Blogger and you don’t really know the most basic rules to write SEO articles for your blogs then you are at very right place here I am going to share best tips to write SEO articles so keep reading!

Importance of SEO Articles

There are many factors that we have to follow to write completely search engine optimized article but here you are going to learn the most basic but best tips to write SEO articles for your blog. If you will follow all the rules then your blog is good to get good traffic from Search Engines but remember if you want traffic from Social Networks then you don’t really need to do any SEO stuff for your blog or posts all you need is to post and share on Social Media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc but if you are writing for Google then you have to do a lot of work to get good ranking in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) so that’s why I decided to write this post for beginner bloggers who don’t even know the most basic rules to write SEO articles. Read my another article to learn the importance of Social Media for new blogs.

How to Write SEO Articles

As I said there are many things to remember to write good optimized post but I will share best tips with you so let’s get started. I am going to write step by step so make sure you read all the steps and understand it.

1. Choose a Keyword

First of all you have to choose a keyword for your blog post that you are going to write like for this post I have chosen a keyword write seo articles so make sure you also choose a keyword before writing a single word. And if you want to know the competition between different keywords then use this tool before using this tool make sure you are logged in if required Google account to sign in.

2. Write Keyword in Post Title

If you have chosen a special keyword for your blog post now it’s time to start writing the article first write any Title make sure it is related to article and also must add your keyword in the post title it is very important to add keyword in the post title as you can see I have added special keyword write seo articles for this post in the post title. Just make sure you added the keyword in the post title and don’t just add it actually try to adjust the keyword in the title so that it should look good to readers, first we are writing for readers then Google :)

3. Write Keyword in the Post Meta Description

Also add your special keyword in the meta description tag yes I am talking about <meta name=”description” content=”Add your post description here” /> if you are using WordPress then you must be using Yoast WordPress SEO plugin or any other SEO plugin if yes then write below the content body you will see a box to add description for your post just add your description and make sure you adjusted the keyword in that description.

4. What is Ideal Keyword Density?

Now let’s talk about one of the most important factor in writing SEO posts. Keyword density is the percentage which is calculated by dividing total number of times keyword appears in the post by total number of words in the post and multiplying it with 100. For example if you have written a post in 500 words and you added your special keyword or main keyword in your post for 8 times then you can get your post’s keyword density by using this formula 8/500*100 so if you calculate it and you will get 1.6% and this it the keyword density hope you understand it now let’s talk about that what is ideal keyword density actually it should be between 1-3% yes it is right I wasn’t sure about it then I searched it on Google and found it on some big websites that it should be between 1 to 3 so you can see 2% will be best if it’s too much high then your post will be considered as spam and will be removed from Google database so be careful just don’t stuff keyword in the post actually just keep writing and at the end of your post you will find out that keyword density is fine just concentrate on writing quality content. If you are using Blogger and you want to find out the keyword density for your blog post then read this article it will defnitely helps you learn a lot more.

5. Write Keyword in the Post URL

Also make sure that you have added your main or special keyword for your post in the post URL or permalink. Like you can see I have added main keyword  for this post in the URL and try to make it as short as you can.

What to Do After Writing a Blog Post

Now you must have written SEO post for you blog if yes then read my another article to learn what to do after writing a new blog post hope you will love because I have shared best things to do to get index fast in Google and get good place in SERPs. If you know anything more then please share in comments in those posts.

I Think I’ve Shared All Best Tips

Now I am thinking that I have shared all best tips to write SEO articles :) actually now I can say that I have shared top 5 best tips to write SEO articles for your blog ;) so If you have any question or you want to add something then simply share with us in the comments and also please share this article if you think that I wrote something useful for beginner bloggers :) Allah (God) bless you and good bye.

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