Tuesday , 21 May 2019

Blogger Naked Domain Redirection Is Not Working

Blogger Naked Domain Redirect

Blogger is facing a lot of problems these days like few days ago Blogger custom domain option was not working for many users actually users were not able to add custom domain for their Blogger blogs and few users were facing 404 error after opening custom domain but after about 5 days the problem is solved. And now here is the new issue now users who are using Blogger as a blogging platform are not able to redirect their naked domain (non-www) to www in short Blogger naked domain redirection is not working since 19 September, 2012. I think that this redirection is not working for many days not since 19 September, 2012 actually the Blogger team started to fix it 2 days ago.

Blogger Naked Domain Redirection Issue

So as we know that Blogger team is working to fix it but last time they took 7 days to fix the custom domain problem now let’s see, we can just wait until the problem is solved. But Seriously there is another way to redirect your non-www domain to www e.g extremetechblog.com to www.extremetechblog.com and we really need to do it because it is not good as in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) term.

How to Solve the Blogger Naked Domain Redirection Problem

It is not as hard as you are thinking right now, so here is the solution all you need is to create on account Google Apps don’t worry you can create it for free and the sign up is so simple as creating an account on Facebook and remember you put the same URL of your website that you are using with your Blogger blog. After creating the account you will be redirected to the admin panel automatically so you will see a bar on top go to Domain settings > Domain names > Redirect your naked domain now I think it’s time for screen shot it will help you more to understand it quickly.

Google Apps Naked Domain Redirection

Now after that you will get a box just type there www and click on Continue >> button then here is the tricky part actually after clicking that button you will see page with full of information that you have to add 4 A-records to the domain DNS settings but seriously I know mostly users have done it already because mapping a custom domain with Blogger domain (blogspot.com) requires us to add those A-records so it’s simple just read the page if you didn’t add those records in DNS of the domain then just go ahead do it now the question is how to do it actually everything is written and described on the page or if you had already added those records like me then simply click on I’ve completed these steps button and that’s it now your Blogger custom domain will redirect from non-www to www go to Blogger Publishing settings to confirm that it’s working properly and also open your website link without www to 100% confirmation.

Blogger Naked Domain Redirection

As you can clearly see in the screen shot above that the check box is checked but remember don’t change the settings otherwise you have to do the same to make the redirection working properly so if you still need some help then I am here just comment below I’ll reply you as soon as I can.

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