Thursday , 25 May 2017

TUTORIAL: Blogger Custom Permalink – Set Custom URL for Posts

bloggerToday This tutorial is about just to introduce the latest feature of Blogger service which is really really awesome yes I am talking about Custom Permalink. This is very interesting that Blogger services are going to be better like Dynamic Views, Dynamic Description Meta Tag etc.eally want to make little difference in URL then we can use it and of course everybody knows that URL is very helpful in SEO

How to Use Blogger Custom Permalink Feature?

So this tutorial is simple as it should be actually you don’t need to do anything to get this new feature while you post on Blogger all you need is to write new post and there on the right side you will see new feature tab Permalink just click on that and you will be asked for Automatic URL or ¬†Custom URL so it depends on you. The screen shot given below will help you understand it clearly.

Why Is This Useful?

It’s simple if we rso that we can write our own Custom URL to get more traffic. And if we choose Automatic URL it will make URL within few words it doesn’t matter that last word is complete or not because Blogger is limiting URL length to maximum of 40 characters for example /your-url-he.html but with the help of Custom URL we can write /your-url-here.html.

More on Blogger Permalink Feature

  • We can not change old posts’ URLs.
  • It is available for all who is using Blogger services.
  • It doesn’t change month and year in the URL we can only change the text next to it.

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