Thursday , 25 May 2017

Blogger Naked Domain Redirect Problem Is Solved

Blogger Naked Domain Redirect Problem Is Solved

Finally, the blogger naked domain redirect problem is solved. This time it took a lot of time for Blogger support team to fix this big problem. Actually this problem was about non-www domain redirect to www domain, it was not working as it should and some of Blogger users were facing this problem mostly those who bought naked domain recently and were trying to connect it with Blogger blog. When the probelm was not solved I posted a way to redirect from naked domain to www now you can undo all the things if you followed my trick to redirect the naked domain.

Blogger Naked Domain Redirect Issue Is Resolved

It is great news for those who are using Blogger and facing low traffic these days just because non-www naked domains were not working properly but one more interesting fact is that the official blog for Blogger issues did not update us this time that the problem is solved so I found it myself I was just checking it today and found it working properly the non-www redirect to www domain checkbox in the Blogger publishing settings was working fine so I was amazed good work but very late I think this problem is solved in more than 20 days but there is no need to be panic it is gone problems occurs to be solved so the redirect problem is also solved.

You might know that now if you want to connect your custom domain with Blogger blog then you need to add two CNAME records for domain verification and four A-records for naked domain redirection go here to learn more. It is only for new users not for old users who had already connected their domains.

Need Any Help?

If you need any help then do not hesitate simply just comment below with the problem you are facing I am always here to help you.

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