Friday , 26 April 2019

Blogger SEO Tool

Blogger SEO Tool by Roomi

There are many plugins or tools for WordPress blogs, there are tons of plugins for WordPress we can’t even count them all I am also using about 10+ plugins for this WordPress blog to make my blog up and running but for Blogger users there are not much plugins or widgets yes there are few but not like WordPress you know the big reason behind is that WordPress developed mostly in PHP so it’s a very common scripting language users can develop there own plugins for their use or they can share it with public but on the other side Blogger is not developed in PHP or any other common programming language it is developed in JS & XML mostly and these are not as easy as PHP. So, I decided to make a SEO tool for Blogger users so that they can find out that their blog posts are SEO optimized or not. I developed this tool in PHP and HTML5 and it will surely help you, keep reading! Also read another article about WordPress security hope you’ll love it.

Free Blogger SEO Tool by Roomi

I developed this tool with a concept taken from the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin but in this I didn’t use many features but still it may help you in optimizing you blog posts. So there are total 4 different text boxes below I have discussed everything about this tool like how to use this tool correctly.

How to Use This Tool

The very first thing you have to do is to log in your Blogger account. Then go to Blogger SEO Tool there you’ll see few boxes, the first box is about where you have to type in the keyword or key phrase for the post for example if you want your post to be searched on Google with this keyword blogger seo tool then just type it in the Keyword: box. Remember it doesn’t show your post on top of Google searches but also it helps your post to have good place in Google search engine it hope you understand it.

Now the second box is for title of the post just go to Blogger admin panel there edit any post that you want to test then copy the title and paste it in the second box and same with the content don’t worry about copying everything from the content box or body just press Ctrl+C to copy everything and then paste it in the third box and in the last box just enter the post URL or permalink remember not the complete URL you can see example in the tool. And at last in the last box just paste the meta description tag for the post copied from Blogger admin panel.

How Blogger SEO Tool Works

This question should be in your mind if you going to use this tool and the answer is very simple actually as you know if you want to write an article about best wordpress plugins then remember to post this key phrase in your title, URL and in content few times and in the meta description tag too then it will help your post to have very good position in Google search engine so if this tool shows you everything in green or tells you that keyword is found in all fields and your keyword density is between 1-2% then your post is fully optimized you don’t have to worry about it.

Any Other Question?

If you have any other question or confusion about this Blogger SEO Tool then simply say it in comments without any hesitation and of course I’ll keep updating this tool with more new SEO techniques please share your experience after using this tool.

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