Friday , 26 April 2019

HostMantis: Buy Cheap Web Hosting With Payza

HostMantis: Cheap Web Hosting With Payza

I just transferred my web hosting account from Web Host Daddy to HostMantis and seriously I’m really enjoying their services. They provide super fast web hosting with very low rates, on their website you can buy cheap web hosting with Payza (AlertPay) account. I bought web hosting at 1.29$ per month for 1GB space and 5GB monthly transfer yes I know the space and bandwidth is not good but they really support very fast servers and 99.99% uptime and the most important thing that there are only few actually very few websites who support Payza and HostMantis is one of them. Read my another article to buy unlimited web host at 0.99$ per month with Payza.

Buy Cheap Web Hosting With Payza

If you want to make a WordPress blog then you have to get a web hosting account otherwise if you want to make a Blogger blog then you just need to buy custom domain to start blogging professionally but if you are living in Pakistan or any other country where PayPal is not supported then Payza is for you and HostMantis support Payza so you can buy web services like VPS, web hosting, domains etc with your Payza formerly AlertPay account.

HostMantis: Web Hosting Plans and Rates

As I told you rates are very low but they support very low space and bandwidth. For rates and few important features just have a look at the screen shot below:

HostMantis: Web Hosting Features

With the Entry plan you can host only one domain but with all other plans you can use one web hosting account with unlimited domains. And if you buy hosting for 3 or more months then more low prices will be asked.

HostMantis: Detailed Web Hosting Features

Hope you’ll love this website seriously I have use Web Host Daddy and their uptime isn’t good that’s why I chose another website to host my blog files and believe me I’m really enjoying their services without any trouble or problem. If you need any help then first simply look in their knowledge base area there many questions have been answered so you don’t have to write and send them again and if you don’t find there then simply open a support ticket, their support is super great they’ll reply you in few hours because I have tried it few times.

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