Friday , 26 April 2019

Buy Domain and Web Hosting With Payza Formerly AlertPay

Use Payza Account to Buy Domain and Web Hosting

Here it is my latest article after few days about hwo to buy domain and web hosting with Payza formerly AlertPay. Actually this article is specially for those who are living in Pakistan and or any other country where PayPal is not allowed to use or prohibited to use while living in Pakistan or any other country listed in PayPal. If you have verified PayPal account then don’t worry it is also for you, means you can get domain and web hosting and other services like VPS hosting, RapidLeech hosting etc. Today I am going to share with you a great website where we can easily buy all provided services with a Payza account. So that who are living in those countries where PayPal is not allowed then it will be very helpful for them to get a domain and web hosting. Like I am living in Pakistan and I have used this website and this is the best website to get domain or web hosting services at very cheap prices. I am talking about Web Host Daddy, this website will help you get web hosting services like web hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated servers etc at very cheap rates and you can buy any of these services with your Payza account and PayPal too if you have credit card then it is good but whatever payment you choose it doesn’t matter I just want to say that this website for domain and web hosting services is the best I have ever seen so below I have shared with my blog readers more features about this great website. You can also buy only domain and connect it with your Blogger blog or you can buy complete website with web hosting and a domain in minutes.

Use Payza Account (AlertPay) to Buy Services

Buy Domain and Web Hosting at Cheap Rates

Yes the most important facility for users is that they can use their Payza account to buy any service at very cheap prices. I know you must be thinking why is this most important feature? Let me tell you that there are many good webiste about web hosting services and domains but they don’t support Payza and those who are living in those countries where PayPal is not allowed, they are unable to buy anything if they don’t have credit card. So for those who really want to have a website and do not have credit card and PayPal then this website is best for them. You can buy web hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, domains and much more just visit home page of Web Host Daddy and everything is there to know about their services. And remember you can always use your PayPal account or credit card if you have it to buy any service from this website.

Fastest Support and Live Chat

Web Host Daddy support is the fasted seriously. Almost 18 hours there is online customers support. You can chat and ask anything related to their services and they will reply you in seconds. And also you can send them support ticket and they will reply you in 1-6 hours so you don’t need to worry if ever you get any problem while using their services.

Weekly Special Discount Offers

Here is the link go here Weekly Special Offers where you can see latest discounts in web hosting or domains etc. They update it regularly with new coupon codes to get big discount. Like these days we can buy .org domain just for 5$ if we use ORG1YEAR coupon code and this offer is valid until August 17, 2012. You should keep visiting that link to get updates about discount offers.

Need Any Help?

Seriously if you have problem while using Web Host Daddy then simply comment below or if you have a Facebook account then join this group Extreme Tech Blog on Facebook and you can post there with your problem.

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