Thursday , 25 May 2017


Cleaning up Online Games


One of the main problems in keeping people using online games is keeping them happy and not be bullied by any comments sent to them in thechats option. So one online game has done a fair amount of research into this problem and is now changing several of its features to improve game quality for its users. Over the past ... Read More »

Free Xbox 360 games Coming Soon


Xbox is set to release new games this June and upgrade or replace older free games, this is welcome news for all who use their system. After launching last June, the Games With Gold promotion’s one-year anniversary takes place next month. To celebrate, Microsoft is temporarily bumping up the usual allotment of two free games to three for Xbox 360 ... Read More »

The Best iPad and iPhone Games


So where do you go to find some really good games for your iPhone or IPad, other than doing a search through your apps, well read on for information on what you need to do. Looking for the most brilliant games for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch? With reviews, videos and download links, read on for the best games ever released ... Read More »

Video Games: Do Good Reviews mean Good Sales?


Once a game is released it achieves an assortment of reviews, but does a good review result in intial good and increased sales? Here we look at this. As someone who reviews games for aliving, I’d like to think that the critical consensus on a game has some correlation with that title’s success in the market. That would imply that ... Read More »

Flappy Bird Game Withdrawn from Sale


Flappy bird was incredibly successfull in the short time it was listed – but because of increased complaints against the software it has now been removed from the app store. Since Flappy Bird, shown above, was removed from Google Play, fake versions of the game containing malware have sprung up around the Internet. Security researchers are warning Android users not ... Read More »

Ten of the Best Android Games 2013


Ten of the Best Android Games 2013 Gaming on mobile devices has come a long way over the last few years. There are now thousands of games available at the Google Play Store. Sifting through all of them to find the best is not easy but you can quickly find the latest best games on the market using the rating ... Read More »

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