Friday , 24 May 2019


Review: Epson Expression Premium XP-510


The Epson Expression Premium XP-510 is an all-in-one inkjet printer. Usually, such printers can range from entry level devices to high end business printers. The Epson Expression Premium XP-510 falls somewhere in the middle; it is can be classified as a student and family printer. Let us take a closer look at the printer from a range of different aspects: ... Read More »

Whats the Best Platform For Your Website


Okay so you have a domain and now it is time to add a theme, but first you need a platform to place it on. So you have several options but how do you make an imformed decision on what is best for you? Getting your first website up and running is easy. Select a pretty template for under $100 ... Read More »

Video Games: Do Good Reviews mean Good Sales?


Once a game is released it achieves an assortment of reviews, but does a good review result in intial good and increased sales? Here we look at this. As someone who reviews games for aliving, I’d like to think that the critical consensus on a game has some correlation with that title’s success in the market. That would imply that ... Read More »

Satellite Phones and Devices


Having a conversation, then loosing the mobile signal can be frustrating at the best of times. Now with developing new business ideas, that problem will be something of the past. In today’s business world, disruption is a constant force that never lets up. At the annual WIRED Business Conference: Disruptive by Design, we celebrate the creative power of bold new ... Read More »

Top Alternatives to Google’s Adsense


  Google Adsense is still considered to be the best source of online money income majorly due to its great pay program as compared to its alternatives but the one flaw in this is that majority of people do not get an approved Adsense account. No matter how much traffic is on their blogs or sites. There are a number ... Read More »



HOW TO ROOT THE NEXUS 5  In the world of Android, it is all about customization – which is one of the main reasons why it is one of the leading cell phone operating systems in the world next to iOS and the Windows OS. It’s the perfect solution for those who wish to have everything at their fingertips, where ... Read More »

How to Edit Thanksgiving Videos with Wondershare Video Editor


Do you have a bunch of photos and videos taken during Thanksgiving? Would you like to make or edit your own videos to revisit or share your memorable moments? Actually it’s easy to do with the video editing software like Wondershare Video Editor. It simplifies the steps required to add and edit your video files and enables you to conveniently ... Read More »