Thursday , 25 May 2017

How to Change Proxy to Access Blocked Websites

Change Proxy to Access Blocked Websites

Recently I shared articles about accessing blocked websites and in each article there’s different method and here’s same in this article I am going to share that how you can change proxy to access blocked websites without using any tool. It’s totally different method because in all other tutorials we have to download or use a website to access blocked websites but with the method that I am going to share you can access any blocked website without using any tool or software or website all you need is to change computer proxy settings and it’s done. Read my recent article about making your own proxy website for free.

First, Find a Proxy

It’s simple, first we need to find a proxy (IP and port) then we can use that proxy to make a secure and anonymous connection which will help us to surf any website even blocked websites without any trouble and seriously this is the best method if you want to surf blocked websites because if you are using a proxy website then you’ll not be able to login or sign up and many other different functions will not be available and if you are using a tool then you may not be able to download videos from video sharing websites but in this method you’ll be able to use any available function on blocked websites so it’s the best way. Sorry, I think I should be telling you how to get free proxy so it’s easy you just need to go to there you will find tons of public proxy servers but you have to choose a fast proxy just copy any proxy with fastest speed and connection, before copying any proxy just make sure that the website you want to access isn’t blocked in that country too like porn websites are blocked in many countries so you should choose it wisely. Copy the IP and port in your computer system for later use.

Change Proxy to Access Blocked Websites

Now here’s the real part of tutorial now you have a proxy now it’s time to use it, so first of all open up your Chrome browser and go to settings just click on the icon which looks like three lines in the right top corner of Chrome browser just click on the icon and click on Settings then a new page will open just scroll down to the bottom of that page there in the bottom you will see a link saying Show advanced settings… simply click on this link more settings will be shown to you now scroll down until you see a button with text Change proxy settings… a pop-up will appear now just see the screen shot I think the screen shot will save hundreds of words and time.

How to Change Proxy

Have Any Question?

If you have any question about this tutorial then please comment below I’ll reply with the answer as soon as possible and please always say thanks if you like any article on my blog, thanks for reading.

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