Tuesday , 21 May 2019

ClipFlick App

Clipflick App is a Professional Video Downloader for all Android Devices. It is the best app to download videos online from Internet to your Android phone. We can download and save videos in different formats. We can search and download videos to our device with a just one tap. It is so easy! Go to your favorite video hosting site and search videos with default your browser and then download it to your phone or tablet. Downloading and viewing of videos are protected by copyright and prohibited, regulated by the laws of the country where we live.

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Using video file manager we can sort, group, and delete all downloaded videos with intuitive interface. It supports multiple sites to download videos and multiple video resolutions to manage the internet speed.This application does not work for videos from YouTube because of Google policy.

Clipflick totally support all file types like 3gp, mp4, avi, mpeg, mov or other files. You can download videos from the internet when we have a connection and later without internet access we can watch it in best HD quality without the internet connection. This App is uses the concept of multithreading where we can download more than one video at a time. It provides screenshots and previews of the video which makes the user much easier to identify the video and download it.

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  • Easy downloading via SHARE function
  • Downloading in the background
  • Video file manager for sorting, grouping, and deleting videos
  • Modern app design
  • Video thumbnails so you can easily find video to play
  • Multithread supporting
  • Automatically detect video from browser
  • Works with any browser

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