Thursday , 25 May 2017

Connect Subdomain to Different Server or Host for Blogger Blog

What is Subdomain?If you are searching for that how to connect subdomain to another host then you are at right place. We can easily connect our subdomain to another server just by adding an A (Address) record in our domain DNS settings. So those who are using Blogger it will help them a lot because when we connect our domain with blog on Blogger then we don’t have any option to use subdomain in Blogger. Means if you have connected with blog on Blogger then it will redirect it to but what if we want to use or then we have to add A Record in DNS settings to point our subdomain to host static IP. I hope you have understand that what I am going to share with you and again this is really helpful for those who are using Blogger and those who use WordPress they can easily connect subdomain to another folder from their domain control panel they don’t need to add any A Record they have option to connect subdomain with a folder inside root directory and they can upload any PHP or ASP file to run it perfectly. Also check out my both articles easiest way to capture and edit screenshot and record screen in Windows these articles will help you write awesome posts for your blog.


Why We Need Subdomain for Blogger?

This is very good question. Actually the answer is simple, we can not run any PHP file in Blogger but if we need it then we can use subdomain for this. Sometimes we want to create a free service for blog visitors but for this we have to run few PHP files then we really need a hosting where PHP & MySQL is allowed. So another thing you have to remember is that first we need hosting where PHP files can compile you don’t need to worry there are many free web hosting service providers in this tutorial I shall use HourB.

What We Need to Connect Subdomain to Another Host?

As I have already described what is subdomain and why it is useful specially if you are using Blogger not WordPress. So now the question is how to do so. Yes we should have a web hosting account we can use free web hosting and we should be allowed to access DNS settings of our domain.

How to Connect Subdomain to Different Server

Now the main part comes, first we shall register on HourB which is a free web hosting and also premium. After getting a hosting account and confirming it when you will be asked for creating first website there you have to type the subdomain you as you like. As I have subdomain so make first website with your own subdomain. And remember we are signing up with subdomain ( not top level domain ( on HourB website so you can choose any other host even paid hosting providers actually we only need hosting because we already have domain which is connected with blog on Blogger.

After successful sign up on HourB or any other web hosting provider, you need to login and find details related to your hosting the screen shot below shows the details option in HourB cPanel.

Website Details About DNS

Now click on that button or icon which tells us details about our hosting. There you should see some options that how you can connect your hosting with your domain or subdomain.

A Record Information

The screen shot above shows us that what we have to do to connect our subdomain or domain with hosting there are two options first is changing nameserver but we don’t need to do it second option is what I was talking from the starting of this tutorial yes it is about just adding A Record in your domain DNS settings and this is what we shall do now. But just remember the IP address which will help us to connect with hosting.

How to Add A Record in DNS

It is almost same in every website, all you need is to open the DNS management control panel you can find in your domain settings where you have registered it or if you are unable to find it then contact to admin of that website where you registered your domain. After opening DNS management panel there you have to add the A Record, how to do it just see the screenshot below it will help you learn quickly.

How to Add A Record in DNS

As you can clearly what I did in the screen shot I just put the subdomain which I used while registering on web hosting website and put that IP address which I found in the details section of web hosting account and it is done. All you need is to wait for few hours and you will see your website working perfectly on subdomain which is connected with different host yes we have our domain connected with blog on Blogger and subdomain with another host like HourB, Bluehost, HostGator etc. When your website will be ready then again go to details section of your hosting account there you will see accounts details like FTP to upload files on server and I hope you know how to upload and run them by the way I used FileZilla FTP Client to upload files. Just have a look at my website which is hosted on HourB with subdomain hope you will love this tutorial if you are a Blogger user.

Subdomain is Ready to Use

Do You Have Any Question?

I know this is a complicated long tutorial but remember that we just need to add a single thing in DNS of our domain and get a web hosting account that’s it. We can do it in few minutes but I tried to describe you every single thing that it is very useful when you are using your domain with Blogger.

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