Friday , 26 April 2019

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Online

Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Online

There are many applications or tools to convert YouTube videos to MP3 or other extensions as I have also posted about that we can also convert videos to MP3 with VLC media player but this I am going to share a simple website which convert YouTube videos to MP3 online yes we don’t need to download or install any tool so here we go.

Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Online

Now all we need is to go to MP3Fiber website, there you will see a box where you just need to paste the video URL and right below it you have to select the quality so low quality = 128kbps, medium quality = 256kbps and high quality = 320kbps, then after selecting the radio button for MP3 quality just click the download button below it and it’s done it will take time and it depends on the quality and also more quality means more size of the converted file.

Website Features

  • Convert YouTube videos to MP3
  • Fast Conversions
  • Unlimited conversion
  • Free to use!

You can convert videos to MP3 online with this website and the servers are very fast to make conversions fast and we can convert as much videos as we want and the more important thing is that we can use it for free there is no need to pay anything to use this awesome web app.

Again all we need is to copy the YouTube video URL from address bar then paste it in the box select the quality, it will extract the best quality from the video for your MP3 as selected by you and then just press the big button to do it automatically after few minutes you will see the link to your converted MP3 file then just click on it to download it at full speed.

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