Sunday , 19 May 2019

Create URL Shortener for Your Website or Blog

Create URL Shortener

So I hope you are ready to learn that how you can create URL shortener for your WordPress blog or website so let’s get started. Actually URL shortener simply short the long URLs for your blog posts so that users and specially you can remember it easily and it’s easy to copy, paste and post short URLs instead of long URLs in social networking websites and forums etc. So let me give you some examples as big blogs are also using their own short URL service because it just looks professional instead of using Google URL Shortener or any other service. So I am going to share the script which will help you to create URL shortener for your blog in minutes so let’s get started.

Download URL Shortener Script

The first thing you need to do is to download the script then extract it and edit conf.php file and replace the hostname, username, password and your website link. If you don’t know the hostname, username and password then simply open cPanel of your website and go to databases section there you will get account details or you can also create new account there.

Installation of URL Shortener Service

After editing the configuration file it is time to install it and make it working properly now simply just upload the folder to your website you can use any FTP client to upload I prefer FileZilla client it’s free and easy to use. After uploading access the install.php file via your web browser for example if you have upload short folder in the root directory then you can access the installation file with this URL if it works fine then it will show you a message about successful installation then remove this file from your web hosting.

How to Use URL Shortener

Now you can access URL shortener by going to there you will see a box there just paste any long URL and hit enter it will show you the short URL you can copy that and paste that short URL anywhere on the web it will be redirected to long URL if anyone will open it.

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