Sunday , 19 May 2019

How to Add Custom Avatar in WordPress Blogs

Add Custom Avatar in WordPress

As we all know that in WordPress blogs we are unable to add custom avatar in WordPress blogs to show up in comments, pages and posts etc. Actually we are unable to do it without plugins however I never tried any plugin which helps us to upload avatar yes today I found one but that didn’t work properly so here is another way which helps us to upload or choose custom avatar to show up in comments and posts etc so let’s get started. Also learn to develop your own Facebook app with PHP.

Gravatar – Add Custom Avatar in WordPress

I am going to talk about this old service which helps us to upload and choose custom avatars for our emails it means whenever we’ll comment on any page or post then it will show our custom avatar with comment and it will be available to use on any page on internet it actually works with email so if we are using WordPress then you just need to sign up on Gravatar website with the same email or you can add more emails later after signing up on that website so after signing up and confirmation just log into your account go to My Account > Add Image there you just need to select the source means from where you want to upload image to Gravatar website after uploading and cropping of image go to My Account > Manage My Gravatars there just select your email which you are using with your WordPress blog then at the bottom of the page there will be our uploaded avatars or images so just select any by left-click on it and it’s done now just wait for few minutes then your avatar will be showing up with your comments in your blog and any other blog where you have used the same email which is used in Gravatar with selected avatar. So it is done but still if you are facing any problem or stuck somewhere then simply comment below I’d like to help you.

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