Sunday , 19 May 2019

Download Torrent File With Internet Download Manager

Download Any Torrent File With Internet Download Manager

It sounds crazy to download any torrent file with IDM but yes it is true. We can download any torrent file with Internet Download Manager all we need is to register on a website for free and a copy of installed IDM and we are good to go. BitTorrent (peer-to-peer file sharing protocol) is the common protocol for sharing large files and it is the biggest sharing network because P2P networks have covered up the 43% to 70% of all the internet traffic. But there are many users who don’t like to download torrent files with torrent file client tool (e.g. uTorrent) and I am one of them. So I searched and find that there is a way to download torrent file with IDM installed in your computer system. Also read my last article with video tutorial about how to show about author box below posts in Blogger blog hope you will love this article because this is my first video tutorial for this blog.

How to Download Torrent With IDM

It is very simply as I have already described that we just need to register on a website which is zbigz just sign up there for free then log in. There you will see a box where you just need to copy the torrent file link from any torrents provider website simply right-click on torrent file link and copy it then paste the torrent file link (magnet link or simple torrent file link) then click on button Go! if you have already downloaded the torrent file then you can also upload it. Then it will show you two options first to download that file for free or you can pay to get premium account for more features but still it is good to use free account then your file will be downloaded to zbigz server and then you can easily download that file with your Internet Download Manager with few clicks. It will ask you again to download as a free user or premium user then again you can go for free option.

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