Sunday , 16 June 2019

Easy Way to Record Video Tutorials in Windows

HyperCamWe recently shared an article about an easy way to capture and edit screenshots in Windows and this time we are going to share how to record your Computer screen in Windows. Many people record their screen to make video tutorials for example if you are a trainer or programmer. You can make video tutorials to make it easier for the beginners who really want to learn. You can also make video tutorials to share something which is complicated to explain through a text tutorial. One of the best and free tools to do this is HyperCam.

What is HyperCam?

HyperCam is a free screen recording tool which captures the actions from your Windows screen and saves it to AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved) movie file. Sound from your microphone is also recorded.

More Features

HyperCam supports text annotations, sound, and screen notes (great for creating automated software demos and software training). And it is only for Windows. You can also select Frame rate and compression quality prior to recording your movie.

Simply download the latest version of this great tool for free and start making video tutorials for your website or blog. Video tutorials can also help increase traffic to your site video tutorials are often sought after more than just text based tutorials.

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