Friday , 26 April 2019

How to Export and Import Bookmarks to Chrome [Video]

Export and Import Bookmarks to Chrome

Chrome is the most famous web browser in the world and you know the most biggest factor behind it is the king of internet yes I am talking about Google because it supports Chrome that’s why it’s a really big factor and reason for Chrome to become the world’s most famous browser. Let me give you an example just suppose you just made a web browser actually you can say that the most fastest and great web browser it may be the fastest and awesome web browser but not the most famous because except you no one knows about it so that’s the reason of being famous if you are famous then you can make other things famous if you are not then just keep trying to become a famous person :P Sorry I am off-topic, I was just trying to to tell you the universal truth but this short article is just about that how you can export and import bookmarks to your Google Chrome browser so let’s get started.

Export/Import Bookmarks to Chrome

Do you want to reinstall Google Chrome? Because you got some problems with it but you want to keep your bookmarks in the settings so that when you remove it completely I mean everything like first uninstalling then removing the Chrome directory where all the important information is kept then after removing the completely then you want to import your bookmarks to your newly installed Chrome web browser if that’s what you want to do then this is the post for you but if you just want to uninstall it and then reinstall it then just do it now without reading this post because just uninstalling does not remove the Chrome settings.

Video Tutorial

So now I am going to paste a video tutorial below so that you can understand everything without having any problem as you know video tutorials are easy to understand and we learn very quickly so watch the video and if you have any questions then comment on this post.

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