Friday , 24 May 2019

Facebook adds Features to Manage Roles

facebookOne of the most requested features of Facebook was the improve the ability to manage admin level roles with the site. Finally, after listening to it’s users base, Facebook has provided this much needed capability.

Important Features of Facebook Admin Roles

While there are not a lot of options within the new Admin capabilities, they are very important to learn and understand  so that you can protect your page from others on Facebook. There are a number of different roles with each having a different set of permissions which we have briefly described below.

The Manager role can manage admin roles, send messages, create posts, create ads, and view insights. And one more special thing about this role is that if you are the only Manager on a page then no other member of administration can delete you or remove you from being an Admin. This can be very helpful for the creators of pages.

The Content Creator role can edit the page, send messages, create posts, create ads, and view insights. This role can’t remove you if you are a Manager on Page.

The role of Moderator can respond to and delete comments on the page, send messages, create ads, and view insights. A moderator will be unable to post on a page and can not remove any other member except their self.

The Advertiser role can create ads and view insights and the Insights Analyst role, as we are sure you can guess, has the ability to view insights.

Need Help?

If you need more help about this latest feature then simply access the  Admin Roles – Facebook Help.

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