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Is Google Authorship Verification Not Working?

If you are not seeing your Google+ profile name and picture in search results after doing every step as it is described by your friends, websites or blogs etc then you are at right place here I am going to help you to verify Google authorship without any problem or trouble. Actually I faced this problem like I did everything to show my picture and name in Google search results but nothing happened even I waited for a month but still nothing happened then I searched on Google and got some more information about verifying Google authorship and I did all those new steps which are very easy to do then it worked now my Google+ name and picture shows up in Google search results :D so if you are also having trouble in verifying Google authorship then you should be happy because your problem is going to be solved!

Google Authorship Verification

Google Authorship

Verifying Google authorship is a process to tell people and Google that content is written by yourself if you have done few steps like linking your content to your Google+ profile etc. So we are going to learn that how to verify Google authorship without any trouble. It is very important to do so because Google has recently launched AuthorRank so you should link your content to your Google+ profile right now. Also read:

There are two different ways to verify Google authorship the first one is if you have email on the same domain like The second method is used when you do not have email on the same domain, you can also use this method if you still have email on the same domain. Personally I prefer the second method, I still have email on the same domain but I tried the second method and it solved my problem so below I am going to talk about the second method. If you are also looking to buy great web hosting then read my another article to buy web hosting at very low prices.

Step 1: Create Google+ Profile

The very first step is definitely to create a Google+ profile because if you don’t have an account on then how could you verify it? It’s very easy to do is just sign up there without any trouble I know 90% of you have already Google Plus account because you are here to know why is your Google+ name and picture not showing up in Google search results? So after creating a profile make sure you upload a profile picture with recognizable head shot it is very important.

Step 2: Byline Containing Your Name

Make sure that a byline containing your name appears on every page which you want to link to your Google+ profile e.g. By Sohaib Ilyas and also make sure that your name on your blog or website matches the name on your Google Plus profile e.g. By Sohaib Ilyas on your blog and on your Google+ profile your name should be Sohaib Ilyas just change the name with yours. You can also make byline a hyperlink like this just see the code below:

<span class="author vcard">
By <a class="url fn" title="&lt;span class=" href="">Sohaib Ilyas"&gt;Sohaib Ilyas</a>
  • Change the Google Plus profile URL with yours and also change the name and make sure as I have described above it should matches with the name on your Goolge+ profile.
  • You can use the code given above to use as a perfect byline format for an author verification.

Step 3: Add Domain URL in Google+ Profile

The last step is to add your blog or website domain in your Google Plus profile’s about section just go to your profile’s about section and scroll down to the bottom of the page and add your domain in the Contributor to section as shown in the picture below:

Add Domain in Google+ Contributor Section

Step 4: Make Your Google+ Profile Public

All are steps are very important but if you have done all 3 steps correctly and you missed this step then Google authorship will not work so make sure you do all the steps carefully. So in this step all you have to do is to go to your Google+ about page there scroll down until you see Profile discovery just click on that and check the box saying Help others discover my profile in search results. I repeat make sure to check the box then press the button to save it then go to Google Plus +1′s page there also check the box and click on the button showing on the top of the page saying Done editing to save the changes successfully.

Step 5: The Last Step – Checking

This is the last step which should be done to check that everything we did in previous steps will work or not? So in this step just go to Google Structured Data Testing Tool there you’ll see a box just put any URL from your blog like after that press the button PREVIEW, if it shows the results as expected like shows our Google+ name and picture then now all you have to do is to wait because everything is done successfully mostly it takes few days like 3-7 days to show your Google+ name and profile picture in search results. After few days you can search on Google like this to see if your Google+ profile name and picture shows up.

Need Any Help or Any Question?

If you still have any confusion or problem in verifying Google authorship then simply comment below seriously I will reply you within few hours with the solution to your problems or if you have any question then ask it too in the comments below and thanks for reading and don’t forget to share if you think it’s great article!

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