Friday , 26 April 2019

Hire More Engineers

Employing the right staff for your Technology busness is critical in this day and age, spending hours getting the right personel can be very time consuming

Got 990 free hours?

Not likely. Yet that’s how long it takes the typical startup to hire 12 engineers. Even if you spread your hiring over the course of a year, you’ll need to spend more than 19 hours a week recruiting candidates to hit that target.

A shortage of engineers is the biggest challenge facing Silicon Valley startups today. Hiring is what enables you to execute your product roadmap. So, falling behind on recruiting is a competitive issue.

Yet many fast-growing startups resist hiring a recruiter. It makes sense to rely on your network of contacts for the first handful of developers. But at Sequoia, we think that once you have product-market fit, the risk to your business is too great not to have someone dedicated to staffing.

Recruiting Calculator

Bret Reckard, who heads up technical recruiting for Sequoia, put together this calculator to help you plan your recruiting efforts. In particular, it highlights two variables that have the biggest impact on the time it takes to build a team: your referral percentage and your ability to close candidates.

Start by entering the number of engineers you’re looking to hire and how many months you have to meet this goal. Then enter the percentage of your hires that typically come from referrals and the percentage of candidates who typically accept your offers. If you don’t know these, start tracking. The tool will calculate how many hours you’ll spend recruiting and shepherding candidates through the hiring process.

Finally, the calculator will suggest how many full-time recruiters it will take to meet your hiring goal. A seasoned recruiter at a company with a lot of resources can directly source and hire about 30 engineers a year. For reasons we’ll outline below, the number climbs to 70 if candidates come from referrals.


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