Sunday , 19 May 2019

Home Decorator

Home Decorator App allows you to photograph a room and paint solid walls and objects with a single touch. It includes many tools such as color pallets, suggested colors etc. Also includes get Color from Photo  which pulls colors from any photo, including a paint swatch or material so you can test the color before putting a drop of paint on the wall.  We can save and share all living room decorating photos. If we don’t have any idea about your living rooms, this application can guide us.

Home Decorator App shows you the galleries of beautiful living room decoration ideas, designs, themes, painting for your home, room or apartment. We can get a hundreds of ideas on interior living room painting and decorations from this application. This App contains the various types of living room painting & decorating such as master, large, small, for apartments, contemporary, modern, elegant, luxury, classic, vintage, floor, wall, curtain and more. Browse photos by style, room and location and save them to your virtual idea book. It is equivalent of clipping design magazines to a scrapbook, making ideas easier to search, save, and share experience.

•     A hundreds of pictures of living room decorating ideas
•    You can share all images to others
•    You can save all pictures to sdcard.
•    Get Colors from the existing Photos
•    You can set all pictures as wallpaper.
•    Easy to use: press menu to save, share, and set as wallpaper.
•    Has the largest database of home design ideas
•    Save your photos locally for offline access

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