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Host Website on Google Drive – Only HTML, CSS, JS Files

Host Website on Google Drive

Google is the biggest online network which has many features for its users like the most famous is Gmail, Google+, Blogger, YouTube etc just like these features we use every single day Google has already introduced a feature which is called  Google Drive. It’s just like a web hosting account where we can store our files as cloud hosting works. Google gives us 5GB space to upload anything on their servers for free and we can also use that space to make host websites on Google Drive for free but it only supports HTMLCSS and JavaScript. It also gives us power to surf our free websites hosted on a SSL connection.

Host Website on Google Drive

So it is not so difficult the very first thing you have to do is to go to first make sure you are logged in with your Google (Gmail) account. Then you need to create a new folder for your website.

Create Folder in Google Drive

Make a Folder Public in Google Drive

After that type in the folder name then click on Create button to create a folder in your Google Drive hosting. Then after creating the folder it will be shown on the page there just select the folder and click on share button see the screen shot give below:

Make Folder Public in Google Drive A new window will come up on your screen there you have to click on a link Change… this hypertext is right next to this line Private – Only the people listed below can access so we have to change the privacy to public by clicking this link and after clicking a new window will be shown there select the first option Public on the web then click on Save button to save the changes and then click on Done to complete the process of saving the changes.

How to Upload HTML File

Now after making the folder public it’s time to upload the HTML files and for that all you need to do is to first click on the created folder and then click on the upload button which is right next to CREATE button there select Files… and then upload any HTML file and then after complete uploading click on the uploaded HTML file it will open a new window separately there you will see the source code of your HTML file but there you will also see a button saying Preview just click on the button and you will see your HTML file properly now just copy the URL from there and share with your friends and remember it also works on HTTPS so it’s a great free service by Google Drive. Remember you can upload HTML, CSS & JavaScript files.

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