Sunday , 16 June 2019

How the mobile phone destroyed the MP3 player

The MP3 playing is all but gone, with the Mobile Phone taking its place as the number one option to listen to your music in future.

It may seem hard to believe now, but in the dark ages of mobile playing music on a phone was unheard of. That is, unless you count rocking out with a low quality ringtone.

These days many people spend more time listening to music on their phones than actually, you know, making calls. The mobile phone, and even more so since becoming smart, has become the dominant portable music player on the planet, overtaking dedicated MP3 players a while ago.

It’s no surprise that this happened. Mr Yong-hyuk Na, Senior Researcher at LG Mobile Communications Future Products Laboratory told us: “As the functionality of smartphones has increased, so too has the demand to use their features on the go.

“In particular smartphones are popularly used for listening to music when out and about, avoiding the need to carry multiple devices. Therefore the quality of the audio provided by smartphones has never been more important to consumers.”

The quality, popularity and importance of smartphone audio didn’t reach this point overnight. It was a gradual process that developed as phones became more advanced and music became more of a focus. Manufacturers and customers alike started to see the potential of phones as music players over the years, but there were five pivotal handsets that really made the difference.

MP3 players have been around since 1997, but mobile phones didn’t gain the ability to play music until the launch of the Siemens SL45 in 2001.

For one thing, mobile phones tended to have small batteries which weren’t up to dealing with much more than a few hours of calls. The 540mAh battery in the Siemens SL45 didn’t particularly solve that problem, but it was capable of up to five hours of music playback, which made it just about viable as a player.

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