Thursday , 25 May 2017



Poster is a renowned and my favorite Facebook application now days; it also fascinates many users to make their own Facebook application, I am going to share the source code to make an application like poster, for this you only need a web hosting account, usually hosting accounts do not charge any fee, some hosting accounts are, or, or if you need any other account then there are several options available on Google. Web hosting account is mandatory to make an application.


Make Facebook App Which Can Post on All Groups

After making your web hosting account you have to use Facebook developers, after giving application details, the next step is uploading Facebook PHP SDK, there is another article to follow that is written about this. Now we are starting an easy illustration to make an application.


Download App Files

The first step is to start by downloading the application files, after downloading the files the next step is to edit them, to download these file follow this link:

Open the index.php file and start editing it by following the screen shot, all the details added must be accurate, these details are available in last article. Once you have made the necessary changes save the file and upload the index.php and src folder to the location held in Facebook Developers, when you enter the details upload the file and folder in the root directory with its name, for instance


How to Run/Access the Posting App

The last step is to run the application, for this you need to open the URL by accessing it through website URL where the app files are uploaded, after opening it you will be asked for permission then you will be sent to the home page, where a box will appear with a submit button, there you will enter the message and your message will be sent to all Facebook groups at one time, for questions and query’s write in comment box or read the last article.

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