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HOW TO ROOT THE NEXUS 5  In the world of Android, it is all about customization – which is one of the main reasons why it is one of the leading cell phone operating systems in the world next to iOS and the Windows OS. It’s the perfect solution for those who wish to have everything at their fingertips, where they want them and how they want them. However, even with all the tools a regular Android device provides, it still may not be enough for many. That is why tech-heads come up with more and more new interfaces for the Android which is accessible through rooting.


What is rooting you ask? It’s the process that android users exploit to gain something known as privileged control. This means that users will have access to the operating system’s subsystem that will basically allow them to be able to do pretty much anything with their phone or tablet. Here are few of the advantages a user will have access to once they have rooted their phone:

·         The biggest benefit that rooting provides is the fact that the user can overcome any obstacles they may face. They will have access to apps that may have been blocked by their carriers and even those that aren’t available for their specific device.

·         If users wish to download an app that seem fishy regarding to the amount of access they are asking for, a rooted Android operating system can limit their access to just as much the user will allow. For example, the user can limit an app to not have internet access, thereby blocking all pesky advertisements from popping up within the app.

·         Many custom operating systems have a utility built into the system known as “over-clocking”. This allows the phone to increase the amount of power put out by the hardware at the cost of battery life. Doing the opposite – which is “under-clocking” will extend the battery life by lowering power usage.

Obviously there are plenty more benefits a user can draw from rooting their device, but this article is about how to root your device, not why!

To root the Nexus 5 – and any other Android device – there are basically two processes: The easy way and the slightly more difficult way!


The Easy Way:

The easiest way to root the Nexus 5 is to use the software known as CF-Auto-Root, developed by the team at Chainfire. It is free, downloadable software available from the developer’s website that will root your device with the least effort required from your end. The download will include a zipped folder that contains all the files necessary to unlock a Nexus 5. Simply copy and paste them at a desired location in your computer, then you must turn your phone off and restart it into the bootloader. To do this, simply press the power button and both the up and down volume button. Once that is done, access the script file available in the CF-Auto-Root directory that corresponds with your computer and that should be all that is required.

Although this method seems easy, if the process doesn’t work and something goes wrong, you won’t know what caused the error. What’s worse is that fixing the problem and restoring your phone will be an even bigger challenge. If you do have the time and the patience, it would be best to do everything by yourself, step by step.  

 The Slightly More Difficult Way:

For this method to work, you must first download the Android SDK which is made available by Google. The SDK Manager has all the instructions that you must follow to root your Nexus 5, starting from which components to install to how to flash your recovery and finish the rooting process. Although this process does require a bit more hard work and some knowledge on computers and the process itself, it is more rewarding as you will be able to check at every step of the way if everything is going as intended.

There may be risks involved with rooting your Nexus 5, there really is nothing greater than having complete control over your device, and the freedom to be able to do anything and everything the way you want. If you are unsure about your own capabilities, it is always better to seek the help of a professional, but in the end you will come to realize that all the pains and troubles was indeed worth it.

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