Tuesday , 21 May 2019

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HTC is bringing legal action against six former employees who were working together to copy company information, to then setup their own company. Depending on if and how much data was copied, this could be bad for HTC as protection of intellectual property in such a competitive industry as Smart Phones is crucial.

Six HTC employees accused of leaking company secrets and arrested last August are now facing formal charges in Taiwan. Prosecutors say the group,led by former HTC Vice President of DesignThomas Chien, planned to use the insider information to start a new company.

In addition, the six along with three employees of unnamed suppliersare being charged for their role in accepting bribes and creating fictitious expense reports. If found guilty, each upheld charge could equate to 10 years in prison.

While the problem is that of the courts and no longer HTCs, the bad karma around HTC continues to mount. Despite the release of the HTC One, a device that is sure to find its place on many an end-of-year list, the Taiwanese smartphone maker cant seem to turn around its dismal fortunes. Even worse, HTC cant seem to maneuver the crowded market to reclaim some of the stake it once held with consumers and investors alike.

Poor HTC. Although, rumors suggest the next HTC One will have SD-card support. I haven’t owned an HTC since my EVO (very fond memories) because of the SD thing, mostly. I will give their next One a shot, if it has a slot for my SD card. Hopefully they don’t end up bankrupt.

I haven’t needed SD card support on any phone other than the blackberries. That includes the ONE and the Nexus 5. Even my old iphones are doing just fine. (yeah iphones are collecting dust now that android hardware has really helped bridge the OS inefficiency) Why anyone would need SD card support is beyond me. Perhaps people really need to store porn;)

That’s definitely an option, although it seems AT&T and Verizon tend to get the larger sized models, and I will never go back to either one of them.

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