Sunday , 19 May 2019

How to Index Fast New Posts in Google Manually

Index Fast New Posts in Google

If you are newbie in blogging then you might have this question in your mind that how to index fast new posts in Google so don’t worry I have the answer and today in this article I’m going to share the answer. Google is the king of the web without Google new blogs and websites can never achieve their goals it’s because of how your new blogs could get traffic even with social networks they can never get that level of web traffic what blogs can get from the great Google search engine.

Why is This Useful?

This post is not going to be long and lengthy but what I want is to share as much as I know about Google. So the first thing you need to know is to add your website or blog to Google Webmaster Tools and verify it and then add sitemap to it then Google spider will be able to index all your posts by itself but still new blogs have very low-frequency in indexing by Google spider. So for this you have to index new posts in Google manually to make new posts index fast in Google database. If you are using Blogger as a blogging platform then must read this article to help you optimize your blog posts.

So let’s do it, I think now you know enough that why you should do this trick to get Google traffic because if your post link will be in Google database then your blog could get traffic from Google so do it manually make it quick indexing :)

Index Fast New Posts in Google Manually

All you need to do is to first add your website or blog on Google Webmaster Tools there just select your website and then see on the left side, go to Health > Fetch as Google that’s it if you have brain in your skull then you can definitely understand it that what to do next :P But still I’m gonna help you :) There you’ll see a box there just add the post link and press the red button Fetch and then it will verify your link then after verifying a button will appear Submit to index next to your newly added post link just click on that to add it and remember to select the first option after clicking that newly created button and boom! it’s done.

Index Links in Google Manually

Hope you’ll love this article but I should have added few screen shots but you are a good reader as well as intelligent enough you don’t need them :/ Am I right? But still if you have any question about this tutorial then simply use the commenting system without any hesitation.

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