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Ever since its launch few years back, Android has taken the mobile world by storm. All other mobile OS look worthless in terms of market share and popularity when compared to android. This OS accounts for whopping 81% of all smartphones shipped in 2013. This OS has gained so much in so less time that it almost seems impossible.
 So what makes this OS so popular?
With more than half a million available apps in its app store, android is way ahead of its competitors other than IOS. Since IOS is available only on iPhone which only few can afford, therefore android possesses lucrative monopoly in mobile OS market. Apart from that, what makes this OS different from others is some of the most innovative and exceptional apps available on this OS.
Below are some of the most useful and innovative android apps-

1.    Google Maps
With the wide range of services it provides and considering how useful this app is, it is undoubtedly number 1 in terms of innovation. This is one of the most advanced apps in terms of technology. Digital maps provided by this app are very accurate. It’s not just digital maps that sets this app apart from others, but features like journey time calculator, distance calculator, driving directions, position locator are some of the other exceptional features.
Google Maps

2.    Android car locator

Having parking troubles? Does it frustrate you to search your vehicle out of hundreds other ? Let this application help you. Simply save your parking location when leaving your car and you can easily locate your car when you get back. It provides all kinds of services like timer, radar, map view etc. Personalized wallpaper and other features make this app visually attractive.  It has hundreds of other features to make your life easier. This app is a must download for those who have to drive a lot for their work or other purposes.

Android Car Locator

3.    Android Tango Video Call

Tango Video Calls is a savior for all those people who want to be connected with others and like gossips and stuff but cannot afford to talk long hours just because of high call rates. This app helps you make best use of your wifi and make video calls for free. The quality of video is really impressive. It also supports 3G and 4G. There is absolutely no need of registration or fee of any kind.

Android Tango Video Call

4.    SHAZAM
Has it ever happened to you that you hear a song in a market or restaurant and you want to download that song but you do not know its name. You go crazy for that song but you do not know its name. At times like these Shazam comes to rescue. Simply start this app and wait for few seconds where song is playing, this app will give you the name of the song as well as provide you with the links to download that song.


5.    TAGGED
Interested in spending some quality time with a total stranger or someone you have never seen. This app is your best friend in such times. You can search for people or rely on suggestion by this app and talk to that person online through this app or arrange a meeting. Basically it’s an online dating app but it has lot of features specific to this app. Also user interface of this app is really classy.


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