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How to Create/Install MyBB Forum on Subdomain

Install MyBB Forum

Forum is a great way to make a community where users from all over the World can share their experiences with other user. Forum is like a discussion based website where we are allowed to start a topic and then other users can reply to that topic simply it’s a great way to communicate with your forum members. If you want to make a forum on your website specially on a subdomain like if you already have WordPress or any other script installed on your root directory or domain and you want to make a forum on then you are at right place just keep reading it soon you will be able to do it yourself without any help.

How Forum is Useful For Your Blog Readers

If you own a blog then you must make a forum on a subdomain or simply in a directory like this and now you must be thinking that I’m telling you to make forum for blog readers then why didn’t I make it on my blog? And my answer is very simple I have some issues with my web hosting account soon I’ll install MyBB forum script on this subdomain so you should think about your blog. Forum is a simple web app which helps your blog readers to start a topic or discussion which is still not published by you on your blog and then they can learn and share more and more day by day, simply making forum is viral it will help you get a lot of traffic from specially search engines because most people search about topics and discussions on search engines. You can make announcements on your forum and then users can reply to it because it’s not so good to make announcements on blog because of SEO complications we should write more than 300 words in single post to get good result from search engines. Also read how to add lightbox effect to images on a WordPress blog.

How to Add Subdomain on Your Website

Go to your website cPanel there you’ll see Domains section click on Subdomains it will redirect you to a new page.

How to Make Subdomain

Now on new page type in the subdomain and select the directory from where the subdomain will read files like in the screen shot below I typed in forum for subdomain it means then I selected public_html/forum it means the subdomain will read files from the directory named forum so I hope you understand the working.

Make Subdomain From cPanel

It’s done the subdomain is made now it’s time to upload script to forum directory so keep reading it.

Upload/Install MyBB Forum Script

It is simple actually very simple the very first thing you need to do is to download the script from their official website if you already have installed another forum script like phpBB then you can also migrate from it to MyBB everything is on their website. After downloading the script extract it. After extracting there will be two folders the folder with name Upload this is the one that we need. Just upload all the files from this folder to your forum directory you can use FileZilla FTP Client to upload files directory from your desktop. After uploading all files now it’s time to make a database and I hope you know it if you have installed WordPress but let me tell you quickly to make a new database in your cPanel go to Databases section there go to MySQL Databases there on that page you’ll see a box to enter the name of database there you can enter database name and then click on a button saying Create Database then scroll down until see three boxes where you have to add a new user then after adding that user you have to connect or add that user to newly created database so that user can access that database now it’s time to install MyBB script on your subdomain. So you have uploaded the script files to forum directory now access your subdomain like this it will show you a installation page just keep pressing Next >> button until you see a page where you have to enter the database information then fill all the boxes there with the database details as you just created from your website cPanel remember just enter username, password and database name and click on next button and keep pressing it if you are good in english then you don’t need to worry about that what’s coming up after few more clicks your forum will be ready, below screen shot will help you to understand more about adding database in MyBB script.

Add Database in MyBB Installation

You can access admin panel of your forum at there you can do anything as admin of that forum like adding new categories, forums etc. Read my another article to earn decent money online if you have a website or blog with good traffic.

Is There Any Question to Ask?

If you want to ask any question about this text tutorial then ask it in comments.  First I thought to make a video tutorial but then I don’t know I just started to write and keep writing this article and didn’t think about the video tutorial like I never thought about it but seriously I can make a video tutorial only for you guys if you want me to make it otherwise I did my best to teach you the most easiest method to make forum on your subdomain and thanks for reading!

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