Sunday , 24 March 2019

iPhone 6 What to Expect

The iPhone 6 is coming and i know for sure there are a few of my buddies waiting to get one. But really what can we expect with this latest iPhone release.

But why spend hundreds of dollars on this phone when for a portion of the cost you can get its best rival, the Blackview Ultra 6

With its August/September release date fast approaching, the usual bevy of iPhone 6 design and hardware leaks are flowing thick and fast. With the pressure on Apple to innovate in the mobile space, and Android (and Samsung) continuing to steal away market share, the iPhone 6 will need to be seriously impressive on multiple fronts — which could be difficult, considering this may be the first iPhone designed without help from Steve Jobs. As usual, there’s an utterly insane number of iPhone 6 hardware and design rumors, spanning everything from multiple screen sizes (up to 5.5 inches!) to close integration with an upcoming (and still unannounced) iWatch smartwatch.

iPhone 6 concept render, next to an iPhone 5S. The render was made by Martin Hajek, based on the various rumors and leaked cases. The image at the top of the story is from Hajek as well.

Like last year, there are again insistent rumors that there will be more than one iPhone 6. This time, instead of a cheaper model, hardware leaks suggest that we could be in for a couple of iPhones with different screen sizes (4.7 and 5.5 inches to be exact). Other leaks suggest that these new iPhones could be very thin, too — perhaps as thin as 6mm. (Will the iPhone 6 be called the iPhone Air? Who knows.)

iPhone 6 dummies, in a range of colors

The Phone appears to show some iPhone 6 design dummies. It’s generally unwise to infer too much from early prototypes like these, but it does suggest that the iPhone 6 will be larger (4.7 inches) than the iPhone 5S, have a more rounded design, and come in the same three colors (champagne, silver, and space gray).

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