Sunday , 19 May 2019

Overview of IPods and Touch IPod

IPod is introduced by Apple in 2001, a MP3 player with the remarkable storage capacity of 5GB. It became so much popular that only in three or four years people simply start using the name iPod each time MP3 player was referred. This much storage capacity was unheard before. At the Beginning, it uses to play only mp3 songs but, now latest 6th generation iPods can play songs, movies, photo slide shows and even games. Moreover, the storage capacity has been enormously increased. The 1st generation iPod had only 5 GB of capacity whereas in the latest iPod, user can store up to 160 gigabytes of any type of file he wants. The Biggest problems that customers are facing in iPod are its quick battery death, i-e it lasts only 30 minutes and difficult repairs.

ipod 32

The evolution of technology is remarkable; the gadget which initially used to play Mp3 songs is now offering all the features. The latest 6th generation iPod classic is not merely capable of playing Mp3 songs only it is a complete portable media center because with it one can simultaneously enjoy audio and video player, photo viewer and a portable hard disk of 160 GB.

There are many devices including in the current generation of the IPod. It Includes iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod shuffle and iPod Nano, all these devices have their individual specialties and customers can easily choose according to his needs. IPod Classic was the first one which was originated. It has black and white display, a scroll wheel and a storage capacity of 5 GB. If we take a look at IPod Shuffle, it is the simplest one and with it one can play only songs as there isn’t any display available. IPod Nano plays audio, and user can store songs on its 8 GB storage capacity. It also displays photos on is 2-inch display screen. IPod touch is a touch screen iPod which looks very identical to iPhone. More precisely speaking it is an iPhone without a phone.


As we all are well familiar with the fact that we are living in the modern era of touch electronic device. Furthermore, the technology is evolving with the passage of time. Early people use the keypad only but, now its touch device’s era. By keeping this need in mind apple launched the first version of IPod touch in the year 2007. Since its release, it has been a popular media player and people really like its portability. Moreover, the IPod touch goes beyond then only playing audio and video files. It includes two cameras (primary and secondary camera), wireless connectivity and networking, built in necessary applications for e-mail and social networking. Besides these remarkable features, it has a dedicated web browser which gave the user option to install applications available at apple App Store.


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