Tuesday , 13 November 2018

Kitkat bug could be removing Widgets on your phone

If your updating or downloading widgets through play.com and have been experiencing problems, then read on, seems your not alone as we have noticed an issue with this and are taking steps to correct this.

Have widgets been disappearing from your KitKat device? If so, you may not be alone, as HD Widgets is reporting what they believe is a widespread issue among Android handsets running 4.4. Its causing quite a few headaches, and weve even noticed the issue ourselves.

The issue seems to affect Samsung and HTC handsets, mostly. Those running a stock launcher are seeing widgets randomly disappearing, and it affects some top-tier handsets. The team at HD Widgets believes its an issue with Play Store updates, and affects paid widgets. According to them, it happens just after a Play Store update (which you dont really see coming) and affects only paid widgets.

The team has confirmed this happens on the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy 10.1 tablet. They have yet to confirm but have heard many reports about the Note 3, HTC One (they dont specify which), and AT300 tablet from Toshiba. Top-tier handsets and poor selling tablets are all affected here, and considering Toshiba may be involved, it likely isnt an issue with only Samsung and/or HTC.

The band-aid for this problem is to use Nova Launcher (which the team recommends), leave the HD Widgets beta program (if youre involved), or disable automatic updates. HD Widgets says this affects their stuff, Beautiful Widgets, TuneIn Radio Pro, and SoundHounds paid option, but insist it affects all paid apps. Weve noticed this happening on various handsets, and have seen it occur firsthand on a Nexus 4 with the Google Now launcher. Story Timeline CyanogenMod weekly recap touches on Heartbleed bug, new supported devices, and themes Verizon’s Galaxy S5 has camera bug, no fix in sight Samsung Galaxy S5 camera bug confirmed NVIDIA SHIELD users getting a bug fixing update Google Glass XE17 update fixes random restart bug

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