Sunday , 19 May 2019

Language Translator

Language Translator

Break through language barriers with Language Translator App. Translations between the several languages are supported. Language Translator Apps for Business is a suite of online tools built to helpus to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Language Translator Appeffort to make information universally accessible through translation and helps translators translate better and more quickly through one shared, innovative translation technology. Nowadays it is also more and more widely used in commercial translation projects.

Users upload a file from their desktop or enter a URL of a web page. This App divides the document into segments, usually sentences, headers, or bullets. Next, it searches all available translation databases for previous human translations of each segment. If any previous human translations of the segment exist, Translator picks the highest-ranked search result and translates the segment with that translation. If no previous human translation of the segment exists, it uses machine translation to produce an automatic translation for the segment, without intervention from human translators.




  • Translate text between more than 70 languages
  • Listen to your translations spoken aloud
  • Directly translate speech, handwriting, and text in photos
  • Translators translate better and more quickly
  • Save your favorite translations and sync them across devices
  • View dictionary results for single words or phrases
  • Translate without a network connection with our offline language packages

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