Sunday , 19 May 2019

Login With Facebook, Twitter on WordPress Blog

Login With Facebook/Twitter on WordPress Blog

If you can pay for your hosting account then you must choose WordPress instead of Blogger because WP is the best choice for real bloggers who really want to make some money online. There are also many Blogger users who are running and earning good amount of money online like My Blogger Tricks, Online Ustaad, My Blogger Lab, Spice Up Your Blog, Don Caprio etc but if you want to know about those who are earning thousands of dollars every month from their blogs well first let me tell you they are using WordPress as their blogging platform because they know it is made for real bloggers. So in this article you are going to learn that how you can allow readers of your WordPress blogs to register and login with Facebook or Twitter accounts so get ready to learn and apply it on your blogs.

Is it really Useful to Login With Facebook/Twitter?

Yes it is really helpful for both the blog owners and the blog readers because it helps blog owners to interact with their readers more socially and it helps blog readers to register with just one click as we know these days every user on internet wants to know the most easiest way or method to do anything so it’s the best way for them to register and login with Facebook accounts or their twitter accounts. There are also many websites and blogs which are using this technique for their readers so I have also applied it to this blog as you can see yourself :)

Nextend: Login With Facebook on WordPress Blog

There is a plugin to allow blog readers to login with Facebook accounts on your WordPress blog so that you don’t have to do it manually with your programming knowledge the plugin will do everything for you but still you have to do few things to use Nextend Facebook Connect plugin properly. So first add this plugin to your WordPress plugin you can add it from your blog’s Dashboard > Plugins > Add New there you will see a box just search there nextend facebook connect and then install this plugin directly from your blog’s dashboard.

Now go to Dashboard > Settings > Nextend FB Connect there you will see  a page where you are asked to do few things before you can use this plugin there are just 8 steps to follow and you are done it will add the button to login with Facebook automatically.

Nextend: Login With Twitter on WordPress Blog

Now if you want to add Twitter login button too on your WordPress blog then follow everything that is shared in the above paragraph but this time you have to search for nextend twitter connect then install this plugin and go to Dashboard > Settings > Nextend Twitter Connect there again follow the steps which are given and you are done those steps are very easy you can do it yourself without any help but still if you need any help then please comment system is made up for you :P

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