Friday , 24 May 2019

London Olympic Games 2012 Google Doodles Points Trick

Google-doodles-for-london-olympic-2012London Olympic Games 2012 are going very well and Google is also playing its role and it does in all events. Google is sharing different Doodles with different sports or games like Soccer, Basketball, Slalom Canoe etc. And these Doodles are amazing the part part about them is that we can interact and play games and get points from them. After playing we get points and we can share it with friends so this is really amazing. Also read my article about creating subdomain and connect to different host or server.


How to Find and Play Old London Olympic Google Doodles

If you have missed any Olympic Google Doodle then don’t worry all you need is to go to Doodles there you can play any Olympic Doodle which is missed. Just play them and share the points with your friends, you can also find general old Google Doodles there. There you have option to search Doodles, you will see a search bar just type any search query and click on search icon right next to search bar or press Enter.

London Olympic Games 2012 Doodles Points Trick

If you are searching for that how to get more and more points from Olympic Games 2012 Google Doodles then you should read it otherwise just leave this. It is very simple to do so, simply play any Doodle after playing and getting points simple right-click on Doodle and click on Inspect element if you are using Google Chrome web browser and you can change the points and medals from the coding you will see right below the Doodle.

London Olympic Points Trick

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