Sunday , 19 May 2019

Mac Pro

Mac Pro is here and looks like consumers are buying this item in droves. It is a very intelligent interface with some key features included.

Apple’s Mac Pro is finally here. After being teased earlier this year and details coming out in October, the workstation is available for sale. Starting at a somewhat prohibitive $3000 you might expect that this is a workhorse of a computer and a feat of modern engineering. You’d be right on both counts.

It might not appeal to you personally, but Apple’s newly released Mac Pro is one of the most incredible desktop computers ever released. I’d note that it’s one of the most impressive desktops to be released in 2013 or in the past few years but that’s not really saying much given the state of innovation in today’s desktops. A hardware teardown released by iFixit has just how much work Apple’s engineers put into the pint-sized workstation and just how innovative of a computer it is.

As I noted in my “how the Mac Pro is made” article, Apple made some really interesting decisions with the Mac Pro, many of which are exposed in this teardown. Opting for a cylindrical chassis had a huge impact on the system — it enabled the used of the three-part motherboard which is capped by the system’s single fan, all of which are placed around a huge central heat sink. At the bottom of all that is a daughterboard which is a cluster of integrated circuits and controllers. Each of the sides is part of the mainboard with the critical components, like the GPU and CPU, facedown so they can be directly against the central heat sink.


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