Friday , 26 April 2019

How to Make All External Links nofollow in WordPress

Make All External Links nofollow Automatically

Here I am again with another great WordPress plugin which helps us to make all external links nofollow automatically. Beginners are still thinking what are external links and what is nofollow? And I am thinking to answer it actually external links are outbound links means those links which are pointed to another page or website instead of your blog for example if you put a hyperlink in your blog post and that link is pointed to Facebook website then it is a outbound link or external link and we have to set/make all external links as nofollow links just because of good ranking in Google searches. Also read my previous article about boosting up computer speed in minutes.

Why External Links Should be nofollow

I have already told you but let me describe it more, it is very important to make all external links from your as nofollow links because if your blog’s Google Page Rank is less than any external link’s PR (Page Rank) then your blog is in trouble of getting low ranking as well as lower position in searches. But if your PR is high than PR of an external link than it’s okay it will work fine and smoothly as clean and clear but mostly we should make all external links nofollow.

Make All External Links nofollow in WordPress Blog

So, now after learning the value of making external links as nofollow it is time to do it means now you are going to learn how to make all external links nofollow automatically with a plugin. All you need to do is to go to the URL given below and follow the installation instructions.

You can also search this plugin from your blog’s dashboard (admin panel) after activating the plugin go to Dashboard > Settings > BWP External Links there you can set custom settings but seriously you do not really need to do anything it’s automatic but if you really want to change something then go ahead do it and if you want to exclude any URL or link which should be counted as nofollow link then in the settings page of this plugin just add the URLs (one per line) in the box where it’s written Forced local domains (one per line) and hit save that’s it see the screen show if you are confused.

Exclude URLs From BWP External Links

Need Any Help?

If you need any help regarding this plugin like if you are stuck somewhere while installing this plugin in your WordPress blog then go ahead and comment below I’ll reply you with solution as fast as I can and please share this article with your friends who are using WordPress because it will help them to get better rank and thanks for reading.

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