Sunday , 19 May 2019

Make Facebook App Which Can Post on All Groups At Once

Make Facebook App Which Can Post on All Groups At Once

Poster is my favorite Facebook app which is actually developed by myself completely and today I have decided to share the source code with you so that you can make your own Facebook app like that for this you just need to have a web hosting account and you can get it for free just Google it or I recommend you to use, or, getting web hosting account is your problem sorry to say that but I think if you are willing to make Facebook app which can post on all groups at once then you should know how to get a web hosting account, if still you do not know anything then just comment below but first try yourself.

Make Facebook App Which Can Post on All Groups

Now let’s do this together, so as I have already described that what you need to make app like Poster to post on all groups, so I hope you got your web hosting account now I’m going to make this tutorial very easy now you just need to make your first app in Facebook Developers, for this I have written another article about it just read it through to do so, once you have given app details remember you just need to complete the part before uploading Facebook PHP SDK because I have already added SDK files with the app files then we’ll upload the app files.

Download App Files

Now it’s time to download app files and edit them to for your use so let’s get started just go to the URL given below to download the files.

After you download the zip folder now just extract it and open the index.php and edit few changes just see the screen shot below and make sure you put all the data very accurate for more info just read my last article about app making in Facebook Developers and how to get information about it and click the screen shot to make it large .

App Index Page Settings

After changing the data just save the file and upload the index.php and src folder to the exact location which you have entered in Facebook Developers while entering app details for example if you have put app location as then upload file and the folder in the root directory inside a folder with name poster.

How to Run/Access the Posting App

I know you definitely need a lot of help because I know it’s hard to understand it but simple just read my last article then try to read this article it’s simple first we need to enter app detail in Facebook Developers then we have to edit few changes in index file then we need to upload the file and folder to the exact location according to app details that’s it now the question is how to run the app the answer it very simple as to question we just need to access the URL which is given my Facebook you will find it in your app details or you can also access it from your website URL where you have uploaded the app files and when you open it you will be asked to give permission to app then you will be redirected to main page where you will see a box and a submit button just enter message and press that submit button to post your message on all joined Facebook groups at once if still you need any help then simply comment below without any hesitation and God bless you.

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